Chocolate ‘Fondu’


This is a real crowd pleaser. Such an easy dessert for a group, with literally a couple of minutes prep time. And this is a great way to get kids eating fruit and the perfect way to train their taste buds to like dark chocolate! And there’s even a little good fat lurking in there in the form of coconut oil.


Good Quality Dark chocolate 85/90% cocoa solids

Coconut Oil

Assortment of chopped fruit & berries, or anything else you fancy dipping, mini rice cakes work well


Wash & prepare fruit & berries. Chop all into bitesize pieces. You could even make up little fruit skewers if you want it to be easier to handle. Melt the chocolate and coconut oil together in a bain marie or microwave. Plate up fruit around a central chocolate bowl for dipping. Done! It’s that easy!

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