Don’t be afraid of fats

Repeat after me….FAT IS GOOD! I know, this may be going against all your beliefs, for years we have been told that a low fat, high carb diet is the key to weight management and preventing health problems. But this is not the case, studies from recent years have proven that a low carb, high fat diet is much more beneficial for both your emotional and physical healthy. A lower carb diet is more beneficial for weightloss, diabetes, heart health, metabolic syndrome and health in general. And good healthy fat is being widely proven to be extremely beneficial in brain health, helping with disorders like Alzheimers, Dementia and Epilepsy, as well as being widely used now by athletes now too for a better fuel source for endurance sports.

Of course there are the bad trans fats which are bad for your health and to be avoided but the fats they are referring to here are the ‘good’ or ‘healthy’ fats found in eggs, avocados, butter, nuts, seeds, oily fish, nut butters, coconut oil and MCT oils, high in medium chain triglycerides. So many people are stuck in the low-fat calorie counting mode, which is totally counter-productive, what you need to understand is that eating fat, makes your body burn fat, thus switching your body on to ‘burn fat mode’. Excellent! See below some simple ideas of how to get these foods into your diet, meal-by-meal:


Eggs are a great breakfast, so versatile, plenty of protein to keep you going in the morning and all the fat you need. Nuts and seeds can be added to just about anything, throw a handful into your porridge, muesli, smoothie, yogurt, anything! If you like to make healthy granola or breakfast bars, coconut oil or nut butter is a great addition to these. Or if it is to your taste in the morning a little smoked salmon or kippers are great. If your a toast person, use real butter, simple!



Nuts and seeds make the best snacks. Add them to yogurt or have with a piece of fruit to bring down the GI. Similarly apple or pear with nut butter is great, or stick of celery works great too and that kind of snack will keep you going for hours. Avocado toast is the simplest and so so satisfying. Simply mash on your toast of choice with a little seasoning, delicious! Or nut butter on rice cakes, so quick and handy and so tasty! Any amount of healthy flapjacks, bars or cookies can be made using nut butters and coconut oil.



Make a salad more exciting with some nuts and seeds. Avocado is great on its own, cut in half with a little balsamic poured in the dip and salt and pepper or in a salad. Oily fish is a great option for a light lunch, salmon, mackerel, sardines….Eggs also great at lunch, for a very handy lunch on the go, make an omelette mix, distribute into a muffin tray and bake, tastiest egg ‘muffins’ perfect for a work lunch or school bag!



Cooking in coconut oil is so beneficial and gives the yummiest flavour. If you are one of the few that doesn’t like coconut flavour there are flavourless versions available also. Studies are showing that MCT’s like this are amazing for brain health and a whole list of bodily functions. Eggs are great at dinner time too, omelettes, frittata, quiche, there is so much you can do with them, always different and tasty.


So remember fat is not the enemy, fat is your friend! 🙂

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