Green Inspiration this Patricks Day

In the spirit of Saint Patrick why not try and introduce more green into your diet this week. The health benefits of eating more green foods are endless, are they are so jam packed with vitamins and minerals. It is only fitting around Paddys Day to let your hair down and have a few celebratory drinks, but while you are doing this why not offset any damage to your health by giving your body an extra green boost! And doubly so the day after the night before, if you are feeling a little worse for wear, you might feel like reaching for grease, sugar and salt, but stop! Override that brain of yours and instead reach for something green, your hangover will be reduced and your body will thank you!!! Here’s some simple ideas of foods you can easily slip some greens into, enhancing your diet today! Enjoy your Paddys Day….and a boost to your health!


Kale, spinach, lettuce are very easily added to eggs. Mash them, stuff them, make an omelette, there are so many options. With a little seasoning the combination of eggs & greens is so satisfying! imageimage image


Finely chopped greens are a great addition to rice, as a cold salad, in a fried rice, or risotto, so many options. With a little garlic or shallots, spinach or kale you have the makings of a very tasty dish!



Adding a handful of greens to your smoothie is a quick and easy way to up your green intake. Things like pak choi and romaine lettuce are virtually undetectable in a smoothie, even by kids! Spinach & kale make great additions to an immune boosting green smoothie, with a small amount of fruit to sweeten it.

IMG_5615 IMG_5759


Of course the list of what can be done with salad is endless! The easiest way to go is just bung in whatever you fancy, the greener the better! Then top with a little egg, chicken, any kind of protein, and enjoy!


Lettuce wraps

A very handy way to get a green injection in to a meal! Take your usual sandwich or wrap filling and have it instead in a lettuce leaf. So crisp and fresh, really tasty!



We’ve all heard so much about green smoothies and juices, but why not opt for a green soup. To your usual soup method simply add piles of spinach or kale for seriously healthy soup bowl!


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