Nutrition and wellness coaching - bounty bars

Gooey ‘bounty’ protein bars

These treat bars are a hit with biggies and smallies, chocolatey with a gooey centre, the perfect treat, but with health benefits of course, full of good fats, antioxidants and nutrients!


100g dessicated coconut

50g ground almonds

2 scoops good quality whey protein powder (vanilla flavour or plain)

1 tin coconut milk, use just the cream and 3 tbsp of the water

1 handful raisans

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp vailla essence (2tsp if whey is plain)

To coat: 1 bar dark chocolate 70-90%


Mix all ingredients, except the chocolate, very well in a bowl. Then press into a shallow rectangular dish lined with greaseproof. Refridgerate for 1 hour. When chilled, cut into small bars. Melt the dark choc and dip each bar into it until covered. Refridgerate again for another 30 mins.


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