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As they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but some of us don’t bother with it. How you start your day can determine how the rest of your day is going to go, so start it well!  Below are some very exciting breakfast ideas, a far cry from a bowl of corn flakes and a lot more nutritious and healthy that a plain old slice of toast! These breakfast creations will have you hoping out of bed in the morning and will even get you motivated to trying out a few breakfast experiments of your own!

Porridge with a twist

Porridge is a fantastic low GI breakfast option, that will keep you going right through the morning, and will keep your blood sugar good and stable. But lets be honest is a little on the boring side, when eaten plain! There are any number of amazing things that can be done and amazing ingredients that can be used to jazz up this healthy breakfast. Firstly make an addition when cooking the porridge, add berries, apples, cinnamon or gojis to the raw oats and milk of your choice, almond or coconut give a yum flavour! Then once cooked top in the prettiest fashion with seeds, nuts, chia, gojis, dried fruit, fresh fruit, berries, whatever! Check out our inspiring creations below….And take a look at breakfast_inspo and fooducationirel on Instagram for some amazing ideas!

IMG_5799 IMG_5669

The Smoothie Bowl

Heavily featured these days on Instagram is the ‘smoothie bowl’, an amazing grain free invention, delighting the hearts of those with grain-related intolerances, and because they are so delish and pretty to boot, just about everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon too! Such a simple idea, make your favourite smoothie, keeping liquid to a minimum so the consistency is good and thick. Then into a bowl and treat as you would the porridge above. Simply search smoothiebowl on Instagram for thousands of cool ideas like these ones!

sbowls 7smoothie-bowl-

Breakfast Sundae/Breakfast Jar

Like the idea of a sundae? Well why not apply that idea to your breakfast, in a tall glass or jar, layer your favourite, yogurt, fruit, berries, chia pudding, seeds, nuts, muesli, anything you like! Makes the prettiest creation everytime! Just search breakfastjar on Instagram, or again look in breakfast_inspo for some ideas. Check out our sundae below


Fun Breakfasts

A great way to get kids interested in breakfast or even if you just want to entertain a loved one, is to create some food art or a funny breakfast face. You’ll have loads of fun trying out different ideas, colours and textures. Hours of fun with kids and they’ll be eating as they work without even realising it! Check out fooducationirel and especially breakfastartist on Instagram for some amazing creations like these

IMG_5652 IMG_5616 IMG_5587 IMG_5576 IMG_5545

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