Welcome to Fooducation, quite simply all about an education in food! Our aim is to educate, inform and empower the next generation in all things nutrition and health.

Chronic illness is reaching epidemic levels in Ireland, we have to stop and ask ourselves why? Everything from our food, our environment & our lifestyle choices are having an effect on our health and wellbeing every day.  With some much conflicting information in the media it can be very difficult to know what is actually ‘healthy’. The answer is not any one thing, but a complete integrative picture of our life and health. A healthy diet of whole foods, real food, non of this packaged nonsense is paramount, but exercise, sleep, stress, purpose, connection all play huge roles. Small tweeks in many areas can have an amazing effect on our health. Many of us are stuck in a vicious cycle of poor health & medications. We need to stop looking at symptoms alone, and focus on the root cause of our health issues!

The best weapon we have in the fight against obesity and chronic illness is education in nutrition, health & wellness and the effect of all of those on our physical, mental & long term health. And most importantly education for the younger generations which is currently lacking on the curriculum! With this kind of education they can be empowered to make educated & rewarding choices when it comes to their health as they grow up. Fooducation is an education in all matters of nutrition, health & wellness. Schools, kids groups, parents, teachers, individuals, employers, this is for you!

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