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Hi I’m Kara Reilly, a qualified Nutrition and Health Coach in Midleton, Co Cork. I am a student at the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health in Bray where I am on the way to becoming a Nutritional Therapist. I am delighted that second time round at studying, I have finally found my passion and I am absolutely loving it! As soon as I started studying nutrition I just kept thinking ‘everyone needs to know this stuff!!’ So I decided to share a little of what I’m learning through this site and social media. So thank you so much for taking the time to stop and have a look and I hope you find it helpful!

While studying I have been on my own health journey, the best way to learn I guess, first hand. So many people wait until they are sick to turn to a healthier lifestyle, but thankfully my course gave me the wake up call I needed before I was seriously ill. I’ve no doubt I would have been headed that way, if I continued as I was going, with some warning signs showing up already in the form of PMT, gut issues and even panic attacks. I am utterly fascinated by the holistic approach to health and how what we eat effects our physical and mental health and how all our body systems are connected. So many people are suffering, unknowingly as a result of a poor diet, and they are not being given the information or the support they need to make some simple changes. That is where Fooducation was born from I suppose, just me wanting to reach out and educate people and support them in changing to a healthier lifestyle. Healthy eating can be so enjoyable, it needn’t be boring or restrictive, and the results speak for themselves, leaving you looking and feeling great!

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Good health,