Fooducation offers lots of Nutrition & Health services, our passion lies in school visits & kids groups, and educating kids in all things nutrition….. hence where the name Fooducation, Food + Education, was born from. We feel educating the next generation is the best way to stop obesity & chronic disease in their tracks. We also do home visits, one-to-one coaching sessions, workplace wellbeing, talks for groups or teams, cooking demos, you name it.

School Visits


We believe that nutrition should be taught in all schools, such a necessary lifeskill that all children should be learning from an early age! A visit to your school can be tailored to your needs, depending on time available and numbers and whether you want just one visit or more. Fooducation can look after everything, or simply come in to advise teachers or parents interested in running it. A healthy program could be devised over a few weeks involving demos, tasting, talks, sugar demo, info, handouts, recipes, food groups, nutrients, veg growing.

Home visits


Are you looking to get healthier, but don’t know where to start? Fooducation can help! Home visits can involve everything from cupboard restock, to shopping trips, meal planning, cooking, anything you wish. Individuals, athletes, parents, expectant or weaning parents, families, everyone can benefit from a visit like this. Again it can be one visit or a course of visits, depending on what you are looking for.

Healthy Families


Many parents are struggling these days with busy lifestyles and fussy eaters. It can seem difficult to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle going in a busy household. A family consultation can work well to come up with some ideas, tips and recipes that will suit the family and also some handy quick fixes and tip that can make healthy eating a whole lot easier and accessible for the busy family on the go!

One-to-one Consultation


Are you looking for some advice on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle? Have you been experiencing some health issues, that you would like to explore further. A nutrition & health coaching session can be carried out in person or on Skype, so location isn’t an issue. There are some forms to fill out pre-appointment and then session would last about 90 mins. A session would generally include advice on diet and cooking, tips on shopping and eating out, general healthy lifestyle tips.

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